List of RSS feed readers

(The list is also available in German: RSS-Reader Übersicht)

These are the most popular RSS readers for Windows, Linux, MAC, email and web-based readers, reader for mobile use and clearly laid out in a list.

This free and non-commercial site were last checked on June 27th 2012.


Windows RSS Reader Windows


Alnera FeedBuster RSS-Deutsch
Free RSS reader with many features. Ideal for beginners with no programming knowledge.

Awasu RSS-Englisch
Free RSS reader with many features.

FeedReader RSS-Deutsch
One of the most popular German Reader (Version 3.0).

FeedDemon RSS-Deutsch
One of the most popular RSS readers for Windows.

Fuzzy Duck Reader RSS-Englisch
Free RSS, RDF, Atom Reader.

KlipFolio RSS-Englisch
Desktop client for Windows for each RSS feed.

NewzCrawler RSS-Deutsch
RSS- und News-Reader, Browser und Blog-Client in einem.

Twins Webnews RSS-Englisch
Clearly constructed RSS-Reader.

Omea RSS-Englisch
Free Windows RSS-Reader and news aggregator with many features.

RSSBandit RSS-Englisch
An RSS-Reader works with google-reader and facebook.

RssReader RSS-Englisch
Simple Windows RSS Reader. Last updat 2007.


Windows .NET-Framework

intraVnews RSS-Englisch
RSS news aggregator for Microsoft Outlook.

RSS Bandit RSS-Englisch
Free. NET RSS aggregator for your desktop in Windows.

SharpReader RSS-Englisch
SharpReader is ein.NET-based readers with the most important features, OPML export, and the first reader of the wfw: commentRSS support element.


Mac RSS Reader

NetNewsWire RSS-Englisch
RSS-Reader for Mac OS X.

NewsFan RSS-Englisch
Mac OS X aggregator with Watchlist, category sorting, built-in “translation feature.”

Newsfire RSS-Englisch
Simple but popular RSS reader.

NewsLife RSS-Englisch
Pay RSS reader for 8 €. Recommended!

Shrook RSS-Englisch
Fast, easy reader. Can be synchronized with mobile devices, Mac OS X. The reader is shareware, which can be tested 30 days.

Vienna RSS RSS-Englisch
Free RSS reader. Structure as an e-mail program. Highly recommended.

RSS-Reader als Dashboard Widgets RSS-Englisch
Free reader.


Linux RSS-Reader

blam! RSS-Englisch
Simple feature-rich Linux RSS reader.

Liferea RSS-Englisch
RSS reader with support for Atom-GNOME. Many features and easy operation.

Snownews RSS-Englisch
Free text mode RSS reader for Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. GPL licensed.

Straw RSS-Englisch
Free written in Python desktop RSS and Atom aggregator for GNOME 2.

Syndigator RSS-Englisch
Gtk-based RSS reader for Linux.

Raggle RSS-Englisch
Linux RSS reader based on Ruby.

rawdog RSS-Englisch
Linux simple RSS reader. However, was not updated for a long time.

Rol RSS-Englisch
Recommendable Linux reader.

Mobile RSS-Reader

Google Reader Mobile RSS-Deutsch
One of the most popular RSS readers for mobile phones.

Lite Feeds RSS-Englisch
Feed Reader for BlackBerry, Java Mobile, smartphones running Windows Mobile. Online registration is required.

Opera Mini 4.1 RSS-Englisch
With the mobile web browser Opera Mini 4.1 is a free application feed reader is integrated with interesting features.

Yahoo! Mobile RSS-Deutsch
Free service from Yahoo. Yahoo Mobile: RSS reader for mobile version.


Web-basierte RSS-Reader

Bloglines RSS-Englisch
Free, web-based reader and aggregator service.

freshnews RSS-Deutsch
Free Online RSS Reader for feeds in RSS, RDF and Atom. Simple and convenient online reader. Recommended!

Google Reader RSS-Deutsch
Very simple and packed with features versehner Online Reader. Highly recommended!


Web-besed Clients

Feed on Feeds RSS-Englisch
In PHP, MySQL and the MagpieRSS class-based scripts. Just copy it to your own server and off you go.

zFeeder RSS-Englisch
PHP-based reader which allows you to integrate feeds into web pages.



AmphetaDesk RSS-Englisch
Is one of the most popular free RSS readers out there right now. The open source solution includes many features and very extensive multilanguage documentaries for developers.

Blogbridge RSS-Englisch
Free open source reader for Windows and Mac.

BottomFeeder RSS-Englisch
Free open source reader for Linux, Mac and Windows with a large feature list.

Pears RSS-Englisch
A free on Python-based RSS reader. Pears can be run from a USB flash drive, and provides support for OPML. Is under the GPL.

RSSOwl RSS-Deutsch
RSSOwl is a Java-based Reader with built-in browser, OPML and PDF export, and categorization. It is available in different languages.

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